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Conquer Emotional Eating

A 4 Week Virtual Course

  • Do you eat your uncomfortable emotions?

  • Are you feeling hopeless you will ever be able to stop emotional eating? 

  • Is food your only friend?


Join now and you will get:

  • A personalized action plan to assist you in coping your emotions without food.

  • Insight into why you are turning to food.

  • Compassionate support with M-F text support. 


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I'm Kimberly 

Nurse, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Intuitive Wellness Coach. 

I know what is like to struggle with emotional eating. I did it for 36 years. Food used to be my only friend and was there for me when I was lonely, scared, depressed and stressed. I thought I was a hopeless case and could never be helped. But, I was not and you are not either. I am here to bring you to the other side. To the life of food freedom. When you join this course, you will learn why you are turning to food and you will receive a personalized action plan to put into place the next time you turn to food for comfort. But, the most important thing you will receive from this course is the support you need. I have been there and I know exactly how to help you kick this habit of emotional eating. Isn't it about time you made yourself a priority? 

You Will Learn How To


Stop using food as your only coping tool. 


Uncover why you are turning to food. 


Make a personalized action plan to stop the cycle of emotional eating. 

What People Say

I had 2 major breakthroughs working with Kimberly! Both of these important realizations now will change the way I look at my emotional eating forever and are already helping me with my goals. Thank you so much for holding space for my discovery. After 30+ years of using food to soothe me, I feel more aware than ever!" 

Sarah, Coaching Client

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